Buy Wireless Dog Fences

Let us first learn the basic. Let us know the key elements that make our dog containment fences an effective dog training piece. There are actually three major devices used in setting up a wireless dog fences at home. And this is the wireless fence transmitter, the water proof dog collar receiver and the water proof battery module. The training flags are just part of the accessories and serves as mark on the boundaries.

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Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter

The wireless dog fence transmitter is actually a mountable device that serves as the systems control center. It has a control panel where you can adjust and customize your system depending on the level your dog will effectively be trained. This is the part of wireless fence / dog containment system that can be adjusted to measure the distance your dog can be from the wire before hearing the warning beep and receiving a correction pulse or a harmless static shock.

This transmitter is a waterproof 6V battery module with an adjustable signal field of 30 to 180 diameters. This battery module is extremely valuable especially for the areas subjected to frequent power outages. A power tone or a beeping sound will be the initial action of this system before issuing a correction pulse to the dog’s collar receiver. The stimulation level can be adjusted especially when dogs continue to challenge the system. It has a low battery indicator light that helps you determine if the system is running or not.

Water Proof Dog Collar Receiver

The water proof dog collar receiver is the one attached to your dog’s neck. It has a perfectly fit dog strap that your dogs can comfortably wear. The water proof receiver picks-up the transmitted signal from the wire as soon as your dog approaches the boundary being set. Of course, the shock collar for dogs source will administer a warning depending on the strength of the signal that will then be followed by a correction pulse.

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For the perfect fit of the collar, always place the receiver near the bottom of the dog’s neck. Also, double check if the collar won’t be too contracted. To know this, try to place two fingers under the collar and if it fits well, it will be comfortable enough for the dog. Take note that both contact points of the receiver must touch the dogs skin so that the system will consistently work. Therefore, if your dog has thick hair, we advise you to make the hair thinned to ensure proper operation. Knowing these small important factors will make your dog instantaneously feel the correction pulse and will afterwards turn back for the necessary actions.

Waterproof Battery Module and Training Flags

The waterproof battery module is actually included on the transmitter which is of course, very important because it is the main source of power in order to transmit proper signal. Of course, it is required that the collar will be synchronized to the existing system.

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For the training flags, try to set it along the boundary at first. From here, your dog begins to learn where the boundary is. Eventually, you can remove every other flag over time until no more flags are left. When you notice that your dog already learns the exact boundaries and no longer challenges the system, you will be delighted to know the effect. Usually, repeating this exercise each day will immediately teach your dogs the basic rule of complying with their owner’s commands and a wonderful effect will be seen 3 to 4 weeks after.